About me

I’ve loved food and cooking for as long as I can remember. Coming from a family that eats, sleeps & breathes food, I think what I love most about it is its ability to bring people together : through tradition, transmission, discovery & innovation.

Over the years, I’ve developed a multidisciplinary background studying food design and then working as an art director in a French foodtech startup for four years.

During the end of 2019, I took a plunge in the freelance world and have since then been using my skills to accompany brands, restaurants, cafes, caterers and artisans in sharing their unique food story. I take as much pleasure working behind the lens capturing food than working in the kitchen creating recipes, cooking and styling a dish. 


Food photography & styling

I can create unique and powerful images for your business that you can use for your website, your social media and other types of communication.

Recipe development

I can create and develop recipes using your food and kitchen related products.

Consulting & art direction

I can assist you in perfecting your visual branding by developing by your side a strong and cohesive photographic identity.