About me

Coming from a family eats, lives and breathes food, I naturally specialised in this topic during my design studies (Ecole Boulle, EDNA). Fascinated by the impactful role that the art of plating can have in our appreciation of a dish, I finished my Master’s degree with an internship at Pinch Food Design (NYC). This untraditional caterer allowed me to design furniture and tableware for interactive food and beverage experiences.

When I came back to France at the end of 2015, I joined the start-up Quitoque, one of the first French meal delivery services. For four years, I was in charge of developing this fast-growing company’s brand image through art direction, graphic design and the creation/management of a food photography studio.

In 2020, I decided to take a leap in the freelance world and have since then been using my skills in food styling, set design and art direction for brands, publishers and advertising agencies. I also develop seasonal and accessible recipes and collaborate with other creatives (photographers, videographers, graphic designers) in order to create unique and delicious content.

Clients :
Quitoque ・Maison Louis Ospital・Karine & Jeff・Palmito Biarritz・Albert Ménès・Château La Dominique・Huggy Magazine・Apis Mellona・Maison Dézamy・Les Nouveaux Affineurs・Terrass’ Hôtel・Arraina・Jour・Le Mermoz・ Subway・Bleu Vif・La Belle Chaurienne・La Maison Nomade・Good Morning Paris・Agence Public Actif・Agence Bloom・Alfred Gratien ・Makhila Communication・Domaine Terra


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