Salted caramel apple galette

Ingredients For the dough :– 300g of all-purpose flour – 3 tbsp of granulated sugar – 2 tbsp of ground cinnamon – 150g of salted butter cut into cubes (at room temperature)– 8cl of lukewarm water  For the salted caramel :– 160g of granulated sugar– 80g of salted butter– 20cl of heavy cream For the galette :– 3 applesContinue reading “Salted caramel apple galette”

Honey roasted mini carrots with a creamy feta sauce

Ingredients (serves 2) For the roasted mini carrots :– 12 mini carrots– 1 tbsp of honey – olive oil– salt– Espelette pepper– 2 sprigs of fresh thyme For the feta sauce & toppings :– 250g of feta cheese– 4 tbsp of water – 1 tbsp of olive oil– 3 tbsp of pine nuts– Espelette pepperContinue reading “Honey roasted mini carrots with a creamy feta sauce”