Basil and olive oil cake with balsamic roasted strawberries

Ingredients – 15 cl of extra virgin olive oil– 15g of basil leaves– 4 tbsp of mascarpone cheese– 2 eggs– 150g of white sugar– the juice of 1 lemon– 150g of all purpose flour– 1 tbsp of baking powder– 100g of almond powder For the balsamic roasted strawberries :– 450g of strawberries– 2 tbsp of brown sugar– 2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar Instructions 1. PreheatContinue reading “Basil and olive oil cake with balsamic roasted strawberries”

Labneh with roasted cherry tomatoes

I discovered labneh not so long ago and have completely fell in love with it. It’s a delicious (and healthier) alternative to cream cheese and it’s so easy to make. Traditionally, this middle eastern yogurt cheese is served as a dip topped with a bit of olive oil and za’atar (a mix of spices andContinue reading “Labneh with roasted cherry tomatoes”