As a Food
& stylist,
I create impactful content
that allows you
to share
your unique
food stories.


Photographe et styliste culinaire Paris
photographe et styliste culinaire Paris

Food photography
& art direction

Whether it be outdoors or in the studio, I organise photoshoots that allow your services and products to shine. I can capture the following : recipes, food and beverage related products, members of your team and the interior design or your establishment. 

Before the shoot, I work on the art direction with the help of moodboards. They determine the following : shooting angles, colors, lighting, backgrounds and props.

Recipe development
& food styling

I develop unique recipes with your products that you can then share with your clients on your different communication mediums : website or blog, social media, magazine or catalog, videos, etc.

After writing and testing a recipe, I proceed to its scenography for photo or video shoots. I start by carefully selecting the props and ingredients, then I cook, plate and style the dish. 

Photographe et styliste culinaire Paris



In 2020, after working as an art director and food photographer for 4 years in a food tech startup, I decided to take a plunge in the freelance world in order to provide my services to brands and restaurants that I admire. I am passionate about creating impactful content for their businesses, allowing them to share their unique food stories.

For any questions regarding my services, do not hesitate to contact me at :

+33 6 79 03 80 39

I work between Paris and Bordeaux and am available worldwide. I also work remotely, shooting in my studio.