Creative direction

I can help you create a Je vous accompagne dans la création d’un univers visuel adapté à vos valeurs et à votre charte graphique. At the beginning of a project, I suggest different creative directions in order to validate different key elements of the photos : angle, style, light, colors, backdrops, accessories, etc.

Recipe development

I can develop recipes using your food related products. After imagining and writing down a recipe, I test it in the kitchen to validate the flavour combinations, the number of ingredients and the different instructions.

Food styling

Before photographing a dish, I cook it and style it using different accessories (backdrops, props, dishes) in order to tell a unique food story.

Photography & video

I can create photos and videos adapted to your content needs (packshots, gifs, banners, restaurant photography, packshots, videos for instagram reels or tiktok). I use natural light but can also use articial light depending on your needs (softbox with continuous lighting).

+33 6 79 03 80 39

Food stylist, photographer and recipe developer based in Biarritz, France


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