Watermelon gazpacho

Who doesn’t love gazpacho on a hot summer day ?

Here is a recipe with a sweet & salty twist. For the toppings, I added some crumbled feta which pairs deliciously with the sweetness of the watermelon.

Ingredients (serves 4)

For the gazpacho :
– 750g of watermelon flesh
– 220g of tomatoes
– 75g of peeled cucumber
– 1 small piece of soaked rye bread
– 2 spring onions (keep the tops for the toppings)
– 2 tbsp olive oil
– 1 tbsp red wine vinegar
– salt, pepper

For the toppings :
– 250g of feta cheese
– the leftover spring onion tops
– a dozen mint leaves


1. Add to a blender the watermelon flesh, the tomatoes, the cucumber, the piece of bread, the spring onions and lastly the olive oil and the vinegar.

2. Mix everything till smooth, then salt and pepper to taste and mix again.

3. Chop the spring onion tops and the mint. In a bowl, crumble the feta with your hands.

4. Serve the gazpacho in a bowl, add a drizzle of olive oil, some crumbled feta as well as some chopped mint and spring onions.

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